Your Business in Miami

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Florida’s economy has evolved from tourism-centric to a strategic center of commerce. Uniting the US and Europe thanks to favorable tax conditions granted to investors. With the real estate market in 2018 poised for investors. A perfect storm of low prices and tax reform could mean huge savings for new businesses. The city continues to reinvent itself and adapts to …

Where to Invest in Miami

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Miami is so much more than just a booming vacation spot. Many businesses have found a home in some of Miami’s growing neighborhoods. Art, Fashion, Financial, and Real Estate businesses are flocking to these upcoming areas. Many European and specifically Italian Businesses are moving into this new high end location. Nearby the City Center Mall there are buildings and storefronts …

MEDICARE AUDITS – Recovery Audit Contractor

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Medicare is a federal program that provides healthcare to the elderly and disabled, regardless of income. This is a great program for these individuals to get the medical attention they need. Meanwhile, healthcare providers are under scrutiny for claims submitted to Medicare. Sometime during President Obama’s first term, an anti-fraud task force was created in an effort to lower the …

SAPG Meeting with Mayor de Blasio

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SAPG partner Steve Polyakov had an opportunity to meet and speak with New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio at a fundraiser event.

INCORPORATION: Which type of business entity is right for you?

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Deciding which type of Business Entity is right for you can be an extremely confusing procedure. Oftentimes the wrong decision can come back to haunt you down the road. Should we become an LLC? What is an S-Corp? These are questions on every new business owner’s mind. At SAPG we strive to keep our clients informed every step of the way …

TRUMP & IMMIGRATION: Could the proposed changes affect you?

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President Donald Trump is trying to deliver on one of his largest campaign promises, slashing the amount of legal immigrants coming into the United States. While this may be worrisome for potential immigrants it is important to know exactly who these cuts are targeted towards and whether or not you may be affected. At SAPG we aim not only to …

FREE SPEECH & TRADEMARK: Protect your voice and your brand

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Trademarks are essentially the personal identification for Companies and their products.  Registering your trademark protects it from anyone that attempts to profit from your marketing and product development. But what happens if your trademark registration is denied because it is offensive, insulting, or vulgar? Can the government deny registration on a company’s artistic edge? Up until now, the United States …