Corporate Counsel

Consider Us Your In-House Counsel

It is not a surprise that a business is taken more seriously and has more leverage in negotiation when it can say that it has an attorney.  However, the cost and need for an in-house attorney is not always necessary.  SAPG Legal offers its business clients an alternative through its corporate counsel services and subscription model.  With SAPG Legal on your team, your company receives the benefit and services of an entire firm of attorneys with a wide range of expertise and experience.  From Corporate Structure and Formation, through Employment matters, Contracts, Licensing, Corporate Governance, Mergers and Acquisitions, Compliance and Litigation, SAPG Legal has attorneys in several disciplines, states and countries to assist your business on a daily or monthly basis.

Corporate Subscription

SAPG offers corporate subscription packages to address common business legal needs and to provide your business with 24/7 priority access to an attorney.  Subscription services include: review and draft of contracts, negotiations, human resources assistance, corporate governance matters and more.  Additional services may be added or purchased at further discounted rates for our Corporate Subscription clients.  Each package may be further tailored to meet your specific requirements.  Contact us to learn more about our subscription packages.


Our Approach

Immersing ourselves in our clients industry, we focus on becoming a true business partner to our clients. Allowing us to provide businesses with innovative insight into their legal matters, remedying issues, and promoting the growth of their markets.

Our International Presence

A global reach allows our team to operate in every major market worldwide. Years of experience provide us with insight into international and local regulations. Acting as a single team allows us to share our experience on a global scale. We combine these three points to bring intrinsic value to businesses.

Our Team

With attorneys worldwide, our team leads industries in multiple fields. Constantly challenging themselves, there is no such thing as “good enough” in their work. Bringing creative legal strategies to each matter, our team excels in making aspirations a reality.


Legal matters can be complicated, our team is ready to simplify them.

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