International Business Law

The team of attorneys at SAPG Legal have extensive experience in representing companies related to International Business Law. We counsel clients on the strategies necessary to achieve their commercial and financial objectives.

We assist US and foreign clients in establishing their presence locally as well as internationally. Assisting in the incorporation process, drafting of by-laws, operating agreements, stock-purchase agreements, and employment contracts. Additionally we help to manage client’s legal and contractual requirements.

We assist clients in the negotiation and drafting of international contracts for goods and services across multiple industries. As part of our international practice, we facilitate communications and establish relationships with industry-specific professionals in a variety of jurisdictions. Allowing us to offer support in US, Italian, Indian, South American, Asian, and Russian markets.


Our Approach

Immersing ourselves in our clients industry, we focus on becoming a true business partner to our clients. Allowing us to provide businesses with innovative insight into their legal matters, remedying issues, and promoting the growth of their markets.

Our International Presence

A global reach allows our team to operate in every major market worldwide. Years of experience provide us with insight into international and local regulations. Acting as a single team allows us to share our experience on a global scale. We combine these three points to bring intrinsic value to businesses.

Our Team

With attorneys worldwide, our team leads industries in multiple fields. Constantly challenging themselves, there is no such thing as “good enough” in their work. Bringing creative legal strategies to each matter, our team excels in making aspirations a reality.


Legal matters can be complicated, our team is ready to simplify them.

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